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      Latma TV: 'Obama's Underwater Fantasy'

      A Latma political satire's new musical commentary on US pressure on Israel features a mime of Obama: Israel can be safe if it lives under the sea.
      By Chana Ya'ar
      First Publish: 10/10/2010, 10:37 AM / Last Update: 10/10/2010, 4:02 PM

      The Latma political satire group has come up with a new commentary on American efforts to pressure Israel into more concessions to the Palestinian Authority, one that promises to be as bitingly funny as the others in its repertoire. The satire features a mime of Obama, who says Israel can be safe--if it lives under the sea. 

      “The talks with the Palestinians are once again facing a crisis,” announces tongue-in-cheek lead news anchor Ronit Avrahamof Shapira in the latest offering, posted over the weekend.

      “No, that's an item from last week,” corrects her co-anchor Elchanan Even-Chen.

      “Ahh, wait... “No, it's from a month ago,” Shapira responds, glancing down at her copy. “Here, this is from today,” Even-Chen says, holding up the script to show her.

      “Thanks,” Shapira murmurs. “The talks with the Palestinians are once again facing a crisis,” she resumes. “The United States is applying pressure on both sides, both on Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. Good day to President Barak Obama.”

      Thus begins “Obama's underwater fantasy,” a musical extravaganza sung to the tune of Disney's “Under the Sea,” the musical panoply in the animated movie, “The Little Mermaid.” The newest Latma TV clip, which focuses on U.S. pressure on Israel to encourage the PA to remain in the talks, appeared October 8 on the YouTube self-promotion video website.

      “Mister Obama, it's always the same story. They threaten to leave the negotiating table and you pressure us to give in. Why only us?” the news anchors ask Noam Jacobson, the actor posing as U.S. President Barack Obama.

      “Because it doesn't help to pressure them,” the Obama character replies. He goes on to explain, “This world is too dangerous for you. You need a safe place. I just want to see you happy. And I have a great solution!” He suggest Israelis can be safe and happy if they live under the sea, where there is no water shortage.

      Shepherded along by executive producer Shlomo Blass and editor in chief Caroline Glick, Latma has produced numerous wildly popular satires over the past year, each pulling hundreds of thousands of hits in their various versions.

      The screenplay and lyrics for this particular satire were created by Tal Gilad. Vocals were performed by Obama character actor Noam Jacobson.


      Lyrics to “Obama's Underwater Fantasy”

      I know that it's not so easy
      To live in the Middle East
      One leader is nuts and sleazy
      Another is just a beast
      Them peoples they never like you
      And dat is a big disgrace
      No worries I'm here to rescue
      I found you a better place.

      Under the sea, under the sea
      Fishes in dozens
      No Abu Mazens
      Take it from me!
      Here on the land they want you dead
      Under the sea no one is mad
      End all this mess
      Just take a deep breath
      Go under the sea.

      Now don't give me too much trouble
      Elections is on the way
      Go down there and start to bubble
      Or else I will make you pay
      My voters at me is laughing
      My rivals the chance they seize
      You think that I am just bluffing
      I'll show you all who I is!

      Under the sea, under the sea,
      There you can flourish
      Everyone's Jewish
      Listen to me!
      Come on, say yes, let's hear the word
      And no more headache for the world
      No Muslim riot
      When you are quiet
      Under the sea.

      Azzam has Kassam, Jihad has a Scud
      Walid is indeed the greatest Shahid
      Abbas and Hamas, they love to harass
      But only if you're alive
      Hussein he must gain some rating again
      They sayin' I'm a pain, that drives me insane
      My woman she needs a week in Madrid
      So yalla now, take a dive!

      Under the sea, under the sea,
      Nicer and hotter
      No lack of water
      From the beginning there you start
      Grow you some gills it would be smart
      Do what will please you
      No one will freeze you
      Under the sea.

      Problems are finish
      When you diminish
      Under the sea.

      Look me in eye, it's you or it's I
      There's no room two, it better be you!
      Oh what a wonder
      If you go under
      Under the sea.