French Diplomat Involved in Crash Killing Child

A French diplomat was detained and questioned over a crash in Jerusalem in which a child was killed and his sister and father injured.

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Maayana Miskin, | updated: 17:14

The scene of the crash
The scene of the crash
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A French diplomat was detained and questioned Thursday over a traffic accident in the Meah Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem in which a young child was killed. The diplomat, who arrived in Israel two months ago, works at the French consulate.

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court released the diplomat, but ordered her to leave her passport and 10,000 shekels as a guarantee, and placed limitations on her freedom of movement.

The fatal crash took place on Thursday morning on Hanevi'im street, near the city center. A car suddenly drove onto the sidewalk, hitting a father and his two young children. A boy, 6, was badly wounded and died soon afterward; his 5-year-old sister is in serious condition.

The victim was later identified as Farid Abu-Katish of the city of Abu Gosh.

The children's father was lightly injured. Two other adults were moderately injured.

Initial reports indicate that the driver who was to blame in the tragic accident was in a different car. The driver was speeding, attempted to pass a second vehicle in a dangerous and illegal maneuver, and hit a third car, knocking it onto the pavement.