Terrorists Burn UN Tankers

Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists are on a rampage, burning 10 UN tankers and targeting the British embassy in Yemen with rockets.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 13:35

UN Oil tankers ablaze in Pakistan
UN Oil tankers ablaze in Pakistan
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Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrors are on a rampage, burning at least 10 United Nations tanker trucks and targeting the British embassy in Yemen with rockets. At least one person was killed in the tanker truck blazes, and one British official in Yemen was wounded.

The attacks took place at the same time that the Obama administration is trying to overcome anti-war sentiment in the United States and while warnings have been posted for a mass Al-Qaeda attack in Europe.

The terrorists' latest strikes come days after American agents killed eight German terrorists in Pakistan and European officials rounded up nearly a dozen Al-Qaeda terrorists. The United States has issued a travel warning for Europe.

The tanker trucks were torched after being parked outside a hotel, following Pakistan’s closing of a main supply road to protest a helicopter raid by American-led forces in Afghanistan that killed three of its soldiers. American forces have staged at least two dozen drone attacks on Pakistan, killing 140 people, the past week, according to Pakistan, which charged that the counterterrorist maneuvers are linked with the recent report of a plot to attack multiple targets in Europe.

More than a dozen terrorists in two pick-up trucks fired on the tanker trucks, setting 10 of them on fire and killing one person. The Taliban have claimed that their terrorists have torched nearly 60 trucks in four attacks the past week.

 “We claim responsibility for attacking and torching NATO tankers in Quetta today,” Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq told the French news agency AFP. ”We will further intensify attacks with the intensification of U.S. drone strikes on us."

The Al-Qaeda attack on the British embassy in Sana lightly wounded one embassy worker and three bystanders as the country continues to fall under increasing dominance of Al-Qaeda. The British Foreign Office said it believes that terrorists tried to attack a British vehicle, which was armored. The deputy chief of mission of the embassy was in the car and apparently not injured.

One day before the attack, third-ranking U.S. diplomat William Burns was in the country to discuss security.

Last year, Al-Qaeda in Yemen supplied a bomb to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to blow up an airplane headed for the United States.