Video: Hizbullah Smuggles Arms

Video shows Hizbullah activists smuggling weapons from arms cache after explosion.

Elad Benari , | updated: 01:08

Hezbollah Weapon Storage
Hezbollah Weapon Storage

A video that was published on Sunday shows Hizbullah terrorists as they smuggle weapons from the arms cache in the city of Shehabiyeh which exploded on Friday.

The video, which was first broadcast on LBC News on Friday, shows aerial photos taken from above the site of the explosion. At first, thick smoke is seen rising from the weapons cache. Approximately 40 minutes later, Hizbullah activists are seen as they quickly hide weapons from the cache, and then another Hizbullah activist is shown examining the entrance to the cache.

The video then shows senior Hizbullah officials as they arrive on the scene, and then a final clearing of the cache from any weapons which were left in it is shown.

According to Hizbullah, there were no casualties in the explosion. However, media were not allowed near the site of the explosion.

UNIFIL troops in Lebanon said Saturday that they are waiting for the results of an investigation before they draw any conclusions from the occurrence.

Shehabiyeh, is a village located south of the Litani River east of the city of Tyre. This is an area where UNIFIL troops patrol as per the agreement which ended the 2006 Lebanon War.