Charity Begins at Bnei Akiva Melbourne

Bnei Akiva Australia tries a unique program,<br/>"Movie Money Maker," to get youngsters involved in helping charitable endeavors.

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INN Staff, | updated: 09:27

Zichron Menachem Clip
Zichron Menachem Clip
Bnei Akiva Melbourne

A special Bnei Akiva Melbourne project in the framework of its "month of Elul" activities succeeded in getting its young participants actively involved in various charities. The "Movie Money Maker" program began with Bnei Akiva participants learning about eight different charities through movies and other activities explaining the work of each organization. These activities were planned by youth counselors who were each assigned a charity to promote.
Film an Ad for Your Favorite Charity
The young participants chose the charity they were most passionate about and set off for a day of filming and editing an advertisement for their charity. The children's dedication was extraordinary, with most of them editing through lunch (choosing to eat at the computers) and into their free time to ensure that the movies would be perfect.

After the screening session later in the day, the groups voted for which advertisement they thought was the best. And here's what made it special: $1,000, kindly donated by an anonymous donor, actually went to the charity that won.

Bnei Akiva Australia recently held a presentation evening for the winning team – Zikhron Menachem, a charity that raises money to provide a full range of support for children with cancer and their families in Israel. The event was well attended, and Baruch Levy from Zikhron Menachem in Israel honored the Bnei Akiva participants with certificates recognizing their efforts.

Oded Stern, World Bnei Akiva National Shaliach [Emissary] to Australia, summed up the project: "We are proud that this program gave our participants the chance to learn the balance between keeping for themselves, and giving to others. We learned that you care most about a cause when you put effort into it - a lesson that will stay with participants and leaders for life."