Anti-Israel Hatred on Facebook Alive and Well

Anti-Israel hatred on the Facebook social networking website is not being dealt with. There are more than 194 pages of abuse.

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Chana Ya'ar, | updated: 00:29

'The world must stop Israel' - profile shot
'The world must stop Israel' - profile shot
Israel news photo: Facebook screenshot

Anti-Israel racist hate groups are mushrooming on the Facebook social networking Internet website, with few controls being exerted to stem what is threatening to eventually become a possible riptide sponsored by and catering to anti-Semites and Muslims. At present there are nearly 200 such pages, with hundreds of thousands of members declaring their support in foul language for the trend. 

One of the most recent, a  group entitled “F—k Israel” (expletive deleted –ed.) – self-categorized as a “Local Business” has been allowed to remain despite at least four complaints filed against it by Facebook members who say they find it offensive and abusive.

The group features numerous posts, most relating to Gaza or Judea and Samaria, and cursing the State of Israel and America. Also featured are posts from the official website of the military wing of the Hamas terrorist organization. Another post of note is the ridiculous accusation that “Israel did 9/11 … with all the evidence!!”

Under a photo album that depicts a Palestinian Authority Arab bride and groom allegedly getting married while under attack – presumably by Israeli Defense Forces – at least four comments are listed, all saying “F—k Israel” and “F—k Jew.” None have been removed or even flagged for offensive or abusive language.Four people “liked” the photo, which appeared to show a very young woman being wedded to a clearly much older man. The LIFE watermark logo appears in the lower left-hand corner of the photo, indicating that it has been reproduced from LIFE Magazine.

Another photo appears to depict a shower of white pellets raining down from the sky in from of a building with a basketball hoop set up in front., each being chased by a trail of white smoke. No soldiers, no bombs or other weapons are seen. The caption reads: “They cannot hide the truth about what happened, the picture shows the use of white phosphorus against children in UNRWA schools in Gaza. Who are the terrorists? It’s pretty obvious… !!!!!”

More than 46,200 have clicked on the “Like” button to indicate their support for the hatred on this blatantly anti-Semitic group's page.

One of Many

Although an extreme example, the above is only one of the anti-Israel hate pages on Facebook.  

As a matter of fact, there are exactly 194 groups on Facebook with the name, “F—k Israel.”  This does not include groups with the “F” word misspelled.  Although many are small, with only a few hundred members, at least three boast more than 32,000 votes of confidence, and two have more than 46,000 supporters.

A similar group, “I DO hate ISRAEL!!” has thus far earned more than 49,120 votes of confidence on the social networking site. Another page, “We hate israel” (sic), has more – 163, 993 at last count – and lists itself as a “religious organization.” One group unashamedly calls for the outright destruction of the state – “Destroy Israel LAKNAT…Terbalikkan Buminya  YaALLAH”, which terms itself a club. This group, which posts in the Malay language, has so far won more than 5,225 supporters for its cause, to curse Israel and mourn Gaza.

On each Facebook page there is an option to confidentially report a violation of the site's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. A list of reasons for the report from which one can choose includes:

Nudity or Pornography

Impersonating me or someone I know

Racist/Hate speech

Targets me or a friend

Direct call for violence

Excessive gore or violent content, and


Any member filing a report is asked to certify that they have reviewed the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and the site’s guidelines, and that they believe the content they are reporting violates abuse standards of Facebook.

After filing a report, an auto-response indicates that the report will be read and reviewed by an administrator and an appropriate action, if needed, will be taken. However, no action has yet been taken by Facebook in the matter of F--k Israel, unquestionably racist/hate speech, which remains functional and available to all.

“It is hate filled garbage,” wrote Facebook member and leading public relations executive Stuart Schnee one week ago. “Please report this page,” he urged surfers with whom he made contact. 

A small handful of members responded that they had complied, but Schnee’s plea went largely unanswered,so far.

One week later, despite at least four formal complaints, the F—k Israel racist/hate speech site remains alive and well, along with the more than 194 others that are easily found on Facebook with a simple, one-click search.

Are you going to do something?