Jerusalem TV a Hit in Houston

1,200 showed up at special int'l edition of dynamic Torah-Zionist “Tuesday Night Live from Jerusalem” TV show, to be broadcast on Arutz Sheva.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 16:57

Ari and Jeremy
Ari and Jeremy

Over 1,200 people showed up for a special international edition of the dynamic Torah-Zionist “Tuesday Night Live from Jerusalem” TV show, filmed in Houston last Tuesday night. The show will be broadcast on Arutz Sheva next Tuesday.

The unique TV series is founded and hosted by internationally recognized Israel National Radio personalities Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel. It sees its mission as “sending a message of inspiration, truth, and unwavering dedication to the Land, People and Bible of Israel in each of its shows.” 

Though the show generally has a down-to-earth, Torah-Zionist, idealistic, dynamic message, the Houston broadcast – which will be screened on beginning next Tuesday - united its mixed audience of Jews and Christians with a message of encouragement of their support for Israel and the Jewish People. Two Texas Congressman - Louie Gohmert and Ted Poe – flew in from Washington, D.C. especially for the event, State Representative Debbie Riddle was on hand, and local rabbis and Jewish communal leaders took part as well.

"Israel needs a lot of help with PR, Hasbara (advocacy), and the media,” Jeremy sums up, “and we feel that TNL can fill some of those needs. We believe that Torah-based Hasbara is our greatest strength, but it is almost never used.”

Local Jewish Federation CEO Lee Wunsch and Washington Holocaust Museum Chairman Fred Zeidman received “Defenders of Israel” awards at the show, with the participation of Israeli Consul-General Asher Yarden. “The Pey Dalid band was fantastic,” Gimpel said. “They had the whole room singing ‘I Believe in Miracles’ and dancing to ‘Ivdu et Hashem B'Simcha, Worship G-d with Joy.’ They filled the room with the spirit of Jerusalem and the heart of the Jewish people. I think a lot of the non-Jews at the event were blown away with the encounter of authentic Jewish spirituality.

"Bottom line," he summed up, "the night was a giant Kiddush Hashem [Sanctification of G-d’s Name]."

Gimpel acknowledges that there are those who object, on Jewish-legal grounds, to teaching Torah to non-Jews, “but there is certainly no problem with exposing them to Torah and belief in One G-d. I have a long list of Jews who have left Christianity and become observant as a result of our work, but none who went the other way.”

What’s the idea of taking the show abroad? “By bringing a taste of Israel to Texas,” Abramowitz says, “as well as to other places throughout America, we are sharing a celebration of Israel with the people that support us, and showing the world we stand together… My greatest pleasure is offering people a chance to see the Israel they never see. To hear the people on the streets of Jerusalem, to see the spiritual Israel they know exists but can't find on CNN, to feel real Jewish pride and the joy of our return to our Homeland."

The Ari and Jeremy TV duo, who first met when Ari was a soldier under Jeremy’s command in the IDF reserves, say they started the English-language variety show to project the beauty, wisdom, and celebration of the Jewish People that has finally returned to its Homeland after 2,000 years. Notable politicians, educators, activists, entertainers, and everyday people on the streets of Jerusalem have regularly appeared on the three-year old show.

“While the Middle East conflict has long been at the center of the media’s attention,” Gimpel adds, “the concept of our show is to shift the focus, so that the world can see the beauty of the people and our heritage and bask in everything Israel has to offer.” 

The next international edition of TNL will be broadcast live in front of up to 2,000 people in Florida this coming December.