PM's Wife Opposes Repatriation

PM's wife Sarah Netanyahu wrote Interior Minister a letter opposing the repatriation of illegal immigrants whose children were born in Israel.

Gil Ronen, | updated: 23:30

Sarah Netanyahu
Sarah Netanyahu
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Despite an appeal from the Prime Minister's wife, Interior Minister Eli Yishai is standing behind the government's decision to repatriate several hundred work-immigrants who entered Israel illegally, and to expel their children along with them.

Sarah Netanyahu wrote Yishai a letter at week's end asking him to reconsider the decision. Addressing the minister as “Dear Eli,” she said that she was writing “as a mother of two young boys and a psychologist in the public sector.”

"From the depth of my heart I ask you to use your authority as per the government's decision,” she wrote, “and allow most of the remaining 400 children to remain in Israel.”

The reference is to 400 Israeli-born children who are to be deported along with their parents and siblings. A ruthless, well-oiled campaign conducted by foreign-funded groups and their numerous supporters in the media has focused solely on the children, as if they are the only ones being deported, and as if their parents do not bear the responsibility for their situation. 

At the same time that it decided to expel the familes of the 400 children, the government decided to allow the families of 800 Israeli-born children to remain. Mrs. Netanyahu hinted in her letter that her position on this matter may have softened her husband's heart into allowing the families of the 800 children to remain.

Yishai replied to Mrs. Netanyahu, saying that the families of children who do not match the criteria set by the government for amnesty will be repatriated. He suggested that she file specific complaints regarding families that should not be deported to a committee that deals with such matters. 

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert admitted toward the end of his term that his wife Aliza influenced his decisions regarding the Palestinian Authority. Mrs. Olmert holds extreme left-wing views.