Missionary Center in Tel Aviv

A missionary group has set up shop in the heart of Tel Aviv, offering aid to the needy – and guidance towards baptism.

Hillel Fendel, | updated: 11:01

New Missionary Center
New Missionary Center
Israel News Photo: Yad L'achim

A missionary organization has set up shop in the heart of Tel Aviv, offering aid to the needy – and guidance towards baptism.

Just a few dozen yards from Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station, on Shlomo St., a large building has recently been refurbished and prettified for use as a missionary center. Among the “improvements” is the removal of the mezuzah - unpainted testimony to the Christian missionary hustle-and-bustle taking place inside.

The Yad L’Achim anti-missionary and anti-assimilation organization reports that every Tuesday, food is distributed there to many dozens of Welfare Service-certified needy people, many of whom are immigrants from the former Soviet Union. They are also invited inside to partake of free coffee at the “Gospel Cafe,” with Christian Bibles and missionary literature on each table.

The building also has a professional recording studio, in which Hebrew songs of praise for Jesus are recorded – part of a new missionary “musical” strategy, Yad L’Achim reports.

An English-language announcement by the organization states, “We have recently opened the Messianic Center in Tel Aviv, a three-story building with a lecture hall and an industrial kitchen used to feed the needy. Once a week, we have a café that attracts 150 people each week. The café has a nice atmosphere, free coffee, and good music. Our staff speaks with the guests and invites them to come the next day to our Hebrew-speaking Messianic community.”

Yad L’Achim reports that at the end of the meal, the guests are asked to bless Jesus together. The organization reports that one of the missionary staff said as follows: “My wife and I are part of the Russian-speaking messianic center in Tel Aviv, which is growing quickly. Some 150 people take part in the gatherings there, and many of them volunteer to help maintain the place and to take part… We do much witnessing and we have a network of volunteers. We invite them to come for free, and slowly but surely they learn about the leader. I go from table to table and connect with people. Although a short time has passed, we have ten young believers who are studying and preparing for to be baptized.”

The center also features photographs of IDF soldiers in uniform presenting certificates of appreciation to elderly Holocaust survivors. “These pictures depict how both the soldiers and the survivors are being led astray in the guise of humanitarian assistance,” Yad L’Achim states, “as the clearly stated goal of the organization is to bring as many Jews as possible to abandon their faith.’”