NIF Steam-Powers Anti-Hareidi Campaign

Funding from radical-left New Israel Fund powers the court case against the Emanuel parents – and its PR directs the anti-hareidi media coverage.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 19:13

Protest in Bnei Brak
Protest in Bnei Brak
Yoni Kempinski

Organizations funded by the radical-left New Israel Fund (NIF) are behind the court case against the Hassidic parents who refuse to send their daughters to a school in Emanuel with lower religious standards than they desire. Michael Puah of Arad, who has been following NIF causes, says this explains why the media in Israel has been so one-sided on the case.

No’ar KaHalacha, which filed the suit in the Supreme Court against perceived ethnic discrimination, is backed by two other organizations: Merkaz Tmurah and Achoti, both of which are funded by the New Israel Fund.

The NIF also funds or funded most of the Israeli organizations that testified against Israel before the Goldstone Commission.

“Most unfortunately,” Puah told Arutz-7, “I keep on seeing the long arms of the New Israel Fund… I suddenly understood why the entire media in Israel was enlisted so strongly against the hareidim.”

Even without the NIF, Puah said, “the media doesn’t love the hareidim… but the minute the NIF is involved, [the hatred seems to increase.] Its public relations offices know how to work amazingly well. It is very easy to see that all the media organs are working as if they were coordinated… Otherwise, it is hard to explain the absurdity of Sephardic parents being put in jail for the crime of discrimination against Sephardim.”

Puah, a religious-Zionist who lives in the Negev city of Arad, acknowledged that there is some discrimination, but emphasized, “It is clear to anyone who can see that the purpose of this public campaign is not to help the Sephardim, but to hurt the hareidim.”

“One who knows the NIF,” Puah said, “knows that their method is to take a real problem that exists somewhere in Israel, and then to leverage it in order to weaken the State of Israel, Judaism, the hareidim, and the nationalist camp. They then get the best lawyers to file innumerable petitions in the Supreme Court, and to get the best PR offices for their publicity campaign - namely, the NIF. This is how it worked in Emanuel, and with Vicky Knafu and her march to Jerusalem from Sderot, and with the Reform, and with Palestinians.”

“If we can identify the NIF’s modus operandi,” Puah concludes, “we’ll have half the solution.”

The NIF website boasts that the two organizations mentioned above have been backing the fight against the “racist” Hassidic school in Emanuel for over a year.