Comptroller, too, Will Look into Flotilla

Lindenstrauss will not deal with legal or tactical aspects, but with decision-making processes, PR and intelligence.

Gil Ronen,

Israel news photo: Flash 90

State Comptroller Judge (Ret.) Micha Lindenstrauss will launch a probe into the Gaza flotilla incident. The inquiry joins an investigation by the IDF and one by a government-appointed panel.

Lindenstrauss informed the Chairman of the State Control Committee, MK Yoel Hason (Kadima), that the inquiry will be a follow-up on the implementation of previous recommendations by the Comptroller, regarding decision-making processes in the government, as well as matters of information dissemination and intelligence.

"Regarding most of these subjects,” the Comptroller wrote Hason Tuesday, “there have been previous Comptroller reports and they have also been discussed in the Knesset, mostly in the period after the Second Lebanon War. Some of the subjects were due for 'follow-up review' anyway.”

“The follow-up reports will mostly deal with the preparation and activity of the reviewed bodies before, during and after the naval operation,” he explained, in a reference to the flotilla incident.

Lindenstrauss stressed that “we will not deal with the actual operational action by the fighting forces which is under internal IDF reviews, or with the legal matters that are under the purview of the committee formed by the government, with international participation.”