Givat Harel: Triumph Over Pagans

The Givat Harel region has a rocky history which spans early idolatry and eventually, flourishing Jewish life, as this tour video illustrates.

David Lev, | updated: 17:46

Givat Harel
Givat Harel
Photo credit: David Lev

The Givat Harel region has a rocky history, which spans early pagan idolatry and eventually,a flourishing Jewish presence. In the following video, tour guide Yair Shalev tells of the dynamic struggle that the Children of Israel endured to gain both a physical and spiritual hold on their land. Shalev describes the site where the mighty Jewish Maccabees fought the conquest of their land by invading Greek Hellenistic troops (Book of Maccabees). The Book of the Maccabees contains clues as to the present day location of the Ark of the Covenant (2 Maccabees 2), and reveals the Maccabees' goal to uphold Israel's spiritual values in the Holy Land. 

The intrusion of paganism into Jewish life had even earlier roots in the area, as seen by the altar of Micha on the Givat Harel hillside. Finally, Shalev provides a glimpse of today's small Jewish community of Givat Harel that stands on this historic spot, defiantly following in the footsteps of its ancestors, despite continued attempts to remove their presence..      

This video is the second in a trilogy of three video stories, relating to one small but extraordinarily significant portion of Israel, the Shomron.

David Lev, the producer of this trilogy, is an accomplished tour guide and the leader of a project investigating the present whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant. His 'Down to Roots' video series is targeted towards strengthening the connection between Jewish people and their land.