Video: Arab-Jewish Clash at Port

Reporters and protesters from both sides of the flotilla issue shouted and argued at the Ashdod port today. INN TV takes you there.

Yoni Kempinski and Eli Stutz , | updated: 16:46

Ashdod Port Protest
Ashdod Port Protest
Israel news photo: Yoni Kempinski

Pro-Israel Jews and Arab protestors engaged in a loud shouting match near the Ashdod port Monday as the Navy escorted the ill-fated Hamas-bound flotilla ships. The following video contains footage of the scene.

The Yona Hill, overlooking the port, was the best viewpoint over the area where and attracted dozens of reporters, who were not allowed into the port itself for reasons of security. They were left to speculate on the identity of the boats, manned by Muslim extremists and an assortment of self-styled peaceniks who had anticipated showing themselves as innocent do-gooders at the mercy of the powerful IDF.

Instead, the Muslim radicals, most of them from Turkey, attacked the Navy commandoes with knives, guns and clubs.