46 Yesha Structures Threatened with Demolition

Civil Administration plans to raze 46 Jewish building-starts in Judea and Samaria – in addition to the full-fledged yeshiva building in Yitzhar.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 15:22

Destruction in Shavei Shomron
Destruction in Shavei Shomron
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The Civil Administration is reportedly planning to destroy 46 Jewish buildings and building-starts throughout Judea and Samaria – in addition to the full-fledged yeshiva building in Yitzhar, east of Kedumim.

Representatives of the Judea and Samaria (Yesha) Jewish settlement enterprise say in response that the nationalist government of Binyamin Netanyahu, and its Cabinet ministers, are allowing Defense Minister Ehud Barak to "go wild with destruction."

Continuing its destruction of housing starts in violation of the 10-month "freeze" on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria, the Civil Administration is planning to send its personnel to destroy 46 structures, Haaretz reports. Six of them are in Yitzhar.

The Residents Committee of Binyamin, which is equivalent to southern Samaria, issued this statement: "The entire Government of Israel bears the responsibility for the destruction of the Land of Israel, 21st-century style. On the eve of Jerusalem Day 5770, instead of celebrating the building-up of the land, Ministers Yaalon, Begin [both of the Likud], Hershkovitz [Jewish Home] and Yishai [Shas] are letting Barak go wild and destroy wherever he feels like it.

"Not one of the ministers will be able to shake off his responsibility for Barak's lust for destruction," the Committee continued. "We call upon them to stop the harassment of Jews immediately, and upon those who love the Land of Israel to reiterate this to the ministers at every opportunity."

Government to Destroy Entire Yeshiva?!
As reported earlier, the Civil Administration issued a demolition order against the yeshiva building of Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai in Yitzhar on Sunday. The Administration claims that the 11-year-old building skipped a step in its approval process – but the residents are certain that the explanation is a "simple desire to get back at Yitzhar," town spokesman Avraham Binyamin told IsraelNationalNews.com. "There were a couple of incidents here recently, and Barak and the army simply want to take revenge by knocking down a beautiful – and legal – building."

The 1,300-square-meter (14,000 square feet) building contains a large Beit Medrash (study hall), 12 classrooms, and a dining hall. It was built with the approval of the Prime Minister's Bureau, the Housing Ministry, and other government bodies – "and we have all the documentation. We are working now on our legal response to the demolition orders."

Sources in the Defense Ministry said, not for attribution in this context, that students in the yeshiva are involved in the Price Tag operations, in which Arab property is targeted in response to Arab attacks on Jews and the like. In addition, some residents of Yitzhar reacted with rocks when soldiers did not let them hike near their town on Independence Day.

Towns that have seen structures demolished in recent days include Ganei Modiin, Shavei Shomron, and Maoz Esther in Kokhav HaShachar.