Device That Sees Through Walls

The Israeli company Camero has developed a device that “sees” through walls, indicating the presence of people in other rooms.

Maayana Miskin, | updated: 13:43

Police crouch behind a wall
Police crouch behind a wall
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Israeli company Camero has developed a device that reveals the location of people in another room. The new machine, called the Xavier 400, is roughly the size of a laptop computer and weighs less than three kilograms.

The device works using an Ultra-Wideband sensor that uses electromagnetic pulses to quickly determine the location of people behind walls and other barriers.

The Xavier 400's light weight and small size make it easy to transport, enabling use by combat soldiers in the field.

The system has already been proven useful in the field. When a child was kidnapped in a foreign country, the local elite police squad used the Xavier 400 to determine where in the building the kidnappers were located. They were then able to wait until the girl was alone in a room before bursting in to save her, thus saving her from possible harm during the rescue operation.

The device is already deployed worldwide, and will continue to be marketed to special forces, law enforcement agencies, and firefighting and rescue teams.