Police Honor 1,249 Killed

Commissioner David Cohen honors fallen police officers; Knesset speaker Rivlin calls for unity.

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 21:54

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Commissioner of Israel Police David Cohen spoke Sunday in honor of Israel's fallen police officers.

"The Israel Police has lost 1,249 officers over the course of the years,” he said. “These fallen comrades left us, along with the precious memories, the obligation and the privilege to continue in their path."

"We stand on guard every day, protecting the state, its citizens and its residents, fighting crime, working to increase personal security, and defending democracy and human rights. By carrying out these tasks we, the commanders and officers of the Israel Police, fulfill the legacy of those who have fallen,” Cohen concluded.

He emphasized the importance of unity on Remembrance Day. “We will each stand with our memories, secluded with the memory of those who have fallen, and we will know that the seclusion contains within it the concept of unity... Our private mourning and national mourning are intertwined... As one man we stand and see not only our loss, but also the admiration and limitless gratitude for those who gave their lives for the revival and the security of Israel,” Cohen stated.

Rivlin: unity outside the mourners' tent
Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, speaking at Ammunition Hill, emphasized the need for unity as well.

"We seek comfort in the strength of the unity that is revealed in the moment of truth... The simple unity, unsophisticated, that stood behind the unusually high levels of volunteerism for the IDF reserves during our last two wars. The unity that stood behind the convoys of cars that made their way to Sderot from all over the country, when its residents found themselves on the front lines,” Rivlin declared.

"A piece of our fallen sons' legacy lies at our doorstep. In order to be worthy of their sacrifice – of your sacrifice, the sacrifice of their loving families – we must learn, as you taught us, to bring forth that unity during our day-to-day life as well. Outside the mourners tent. You will see, our sons, that we can do it,” he concluded.