Young Couple Wins Big in Lottery

A young, unidentified couple checked their old lottery tickets to discover they had won it big –the biggest, in fact.

Malkah Fleisher , | updated: 9:20 PM

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A young couple has come forward to claim NIS 74 million – Israel's biggest-ever lottery prize – after checking a ticket they had been holding for four months.

The identities of the husband and wife, who are in their thirties with young children, have not been made public. Typically, Israeli lottery winners' identities are not revealed, in order to protect their privacy.

The couple, who buy tickets on a weekly basis, had accumulated a slew of tickets which they had not checked. After confirming they had the winning ticket, they stopped at a local store to find out how much they had won. They soon came to realize they would receive the largest lottery prize every paid out in Israel, the numbers of which had been picked in December. The previous record amount was NIS 50 million.

Though the prize will be subject to a 25% tax, the couple will still enjoy a comfortable windfall. The pair said the money would not change their lives dramatically, though the husband told Globes online business magazine that he would be able to realize his dream of studying astronomy.