Neo-Zionist Defense Group Marking Independence Day at Megiddo

HaShomer HeHadash, a neo-Zionist group protecting Israel's Jewish farmers, to mark Independence Day at site of an Arab attack three years ago.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 20:32

IDF Independence Day poster, 1949
IDF Independence Day poster, 1949
Israel news photo: Creative Commons

Neo-Zionist Jewish defense group HaShomer HeHadash will hold a large-scale Independence Day event at Megiddo Junction, where Arabs attacked Jewish celebrants exactly three years ago.

HaShomer HeHadash was formed to deal with the growing problem of Arab violence against Jewish farmers throughout Israel. The police and courts, who used to protect the farmers, have become virtually impotent in recent years, many farmers say, leaving them to their own devices and arresting Jews who use their weapons in self-defense.

The event will take place on April 20 between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Children will be able to enjoy a variety of activities – animal petting corners, creativity areas, pita baking and more.

Three years ago
On Independence Day in 2007, an Arab mob of several thousand – including young men on horseback and others waving PLO flags – surrounded and threatened about 150 Jews from Haifa who went  to a public forest to celebrate Israeli Independence Day. A Jewish young man was lightly injured in the ensuing clash. As IsraelNationalNews reported at the time:

"Within a short time, there were hundreds of Arabs surrounding us," one of the Jewish celebrants said. "We felt threatened... We called the police again and again, but the help never arrived."

At this stage of the incident, a few of the Jewish young men, with Israeli flags in hand, charged the gathering Arab mob. Within moments, a fight broke out, during which one of the Jewish youths suffered a light injury to the face. The Arabs, still threatening the Jewish families, called for more of their comrades to join them.

Within forty minutes of the start of the incident, 6,000 Arabs waving PLO flags and making menacing threats had gathered around the group of Jews in Megiddo Forest. It was only at this point that a border guard patrol jeep showed up on the scene, with just six soldiers.

This year's event will enjoy a full security presence.