Haaretz Ed. Shocks on Facebook

As Haaretz writer's stolen IDF documents story breaks, Ass't. Editor calls fallen IDF soldier's family "Jihadist Fascists".

INN Staff , | updated: 15:35

IDF Cemetery
IDF Cemetery
Israel news photo (file)

A Facebook chat between Left-wing journalists discussing the death of IDF Captain Eliraz Peretz on a mission in Gaza has been making the rounds on the web for the last two days. Uri Tuval is assistant editor of the magazine section of the Haaretz Hebrew language newspaper, and his comments shocked even his radical friends.

The journalist wrote: “I don’t want to live in the country of Captain Eliraz Peretz or his mother. My consolations to the family…a family of Jihadist Fascists, and don’t dare let anyone say he was killed for my sake.”

“I can’t bear that "People of Israel- Land of Israel- Defense Forces of Israel-Israel’s children-Sanctification of G-d’s name" mantra. His mother said she is sure that G-d loves the Golani Brigade’s Egoz special forces unit. I don’t want an army that G-d loves. For that I may as well move to Iran.”

Later on, Tuval wrote: “What keeps this mother alive is what sent and keeps on sending too many people to their deaths. I don’t like using grief for onesided ends. She was given ten minutes of live coverage on three different TV stations to expound on her nationalistic worldview and no one is allowed to respond?”

“The family’s suffering is real, but the nationalistic 'righteous ones' who allow her to deal with it in this way encourage people who are still alive to go to their soldiers’ deaths, including her other son. I do believe that ‘it is good to die for our land [a quote from the Zionist hero Joseph Trumpeldor, ed.]’, but the question is what land and what worldview.”

“The officer who was killed had built his home in an illegal outpost. Is that rational? The religious Zionists have turned the IDF into a tool for their political goals, they endanger all of us, and also cause more of their group to be killed. And when they are killed, they talk about it. When they do that, we are allowed to think about it and respond.”

“Haaretz” offices were in an uproar yesterday after the IDF publicized the involvement of its staff writer, Uri Blau, in the case of stolen IDF classified documents that shocked Israel. Blau, who is alleged to have received the documents from a Walla reporter, former soldier and spy Anat Kam, has been in London since December 2009. He is afraid to return to Israel for fear of being arrested upon landing.