IDF Missile Ship Rescues Yacht

An Israeli yacht was dead in the water between Cyprus and Israel and sent out a distress signal. A Navy missile boat came to the rescue.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 23:59

Navy missile ship
Navy missile ship
Israel news photo: IDF website

An Israel Navy missile ship, the N.S. Nitzachon (Victory), rescued an Israeli yacht that had become stranded between Israel and Cyprus early Monday.

The yacht had an eight-member family on board, including two five-year-old twins. It was heading toward Cyprus and was located 150 km west of Haifa when its motor stopped working. It broadcast a distress signal that was picked up by the Nitzachon.

The Nitzachon made sure that the signal was not an attempt at deception by an enemy ship, and then headed toward the stranded yacht. The ship's officers determined that the yacht was in danger of being swept toward the Lebanese shore and decided to mount a rescue.

Members of the missile ship's crew approached the yacht on rubber dinghies. They dove under the yacht and successfully fixed its engine. The yacht then proceeded to sail toward the safety of the Israeli shore.