Jerusalem Bus Ad Campaign for Rebuilt Temple

Advertising campaign by Our Land of Israel on Jerusalem buses expresses longing for rebuilt Temple in place where Muslim structures now stand.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 23:00

Bus campaign
Bus campaign
Israel news photo: SOS Israel

Our Land of Israel has launched a Passover advertisement campaign on Jerusalem's buses that calls for rebuilding the Jewish Temple in its original location, atop the Temple Mount.

The campaign by (also known as SOS-Israel) features a slogan that is taken directly from the Jewish prayer book: “May the Temple be built swiftly in our days.”

The accompanying graphic is an artist's depiction of the Holy Temple on Jerusalem's Temple Mount – the place where it originally stood, and where Muslim structures now stand.

Waiting for the Messiah
Our Land of Israel said that the campaign is intended "to lead to the rebuilding of the Temple swiftly and in our times, and to increase the public consciousness and expectation for the construction of the Temple." The movement, which is headed by Rabbi Dov Sholom Wolpo and veteran activist Baruch Marzel, has placed the advertisements on about 200 Egged buses. Many of these buses travel on routes that pass through the heavily Arab-populated eastern neighborhoods of the city, the movement's press release noted.

Chairman of Our Land of Israel Rabbi Wolpo said Tuesday that “the Nation of Israel awaits with bated breath the building of the Temple and the coming of the Messiah.” He added that “the Arabs, and President [Barack] Obama as well, know that the Temple will be constructed on the Temple Mount instead of the temporary structures that are currently there.”

“In the face of the waves of hostility and hatred and the attempts to wrest Jerusalem from the Jewish people,” said Baruch Marzel, “we should remember the deep expectation for the coming of the Messiah and the building of the Third Temple.”