Two Wounded by Rocks in Samaria

Rock ambush on Israeli vehicle in Samaria. Local authority chief says opening of checkpoint under US pressure is to blame.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 19:37

Rock smashed through windshield
Rock smashed through windshield
Photo: Yossi Dagan

Two Jews were lightly wounded Tuesday when Arabs hurled rocks at their car on Route 60, north of Tapuach Junction in the Shechem area. One of the Jews was evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva for treatment and the other was treated on the spot.

Other passengers who were inside the car got out of it and fired in the air to ward off the attackers. The shots did not hurt anyone.

Security forces asked the shooters for details about the incident and began combing the area.

Samaria Local Authority head Gershon Mesika responded to the attack by saying that “since the opening of the Hawara checkpoint, the main road that leads from Tapuach Junction to the Shechem mountains has become dangerous because of a flood of Arab vehicles that create traffic jams and accidents because of wild driving.”

The Hawara checkpoint south of Shechem was the main checkpoint in the IDF security envelope surrounding the city. In June 2009, following US pressure, the Israel government announced a series of “goodwill measures” toward the Arab populace including the opening of the Hawara checkpoint to free traffic.   

"Since the road was opened,” Mesika added, “there has been a drastic surge in rock throwing and fire bomb attacks. Rocks can kill and we call upon the security establishment to take action against the constant rock attacks that have been going on since the checkpoint was opened, before it is too late.”

Photos by Yossi Dagan:

The car after the attack.

One of two people wounded.

Weapon of choice.