Reporter Questioned over Gathering that Supported Objecters

Police question reporter for covering a nationalist gathering in support of soldiers who refused to carry out eviction orders.

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Maayana Miskin, | updated: 21:53

SOS-Israel gathering
SOS-Israel gathering
Israel news photo: file

Reporter Uri Revach was questioned by police Sunday regarding a conference of conscientious objecters that he recorded two and a half years ago. Revach covered the conference, which was organized by SOS-Israel, for Channel 1 news.

SOS-Israel accused police of having their priorities out of order. “Jerusalem is burning and hundreds of thousands of Muslims are threatening the country. It's strange that at such a time, the Israel police chose to question a reporter who documented a legal, democratic gathering,” the group said.

The conference in question was held to support IDF soldiers who refused orders to forcibly evict Jews from their homes in Hevron.

Rabbi Dov Wolpe, head of SOS-Israel, said his organization strengthens the IDF by helping it to remain true to its values. “Soldiers take a vow at the Kotel [Western Wall] to be faithful to the state of Israel. A soldier who does not refuse an order to expel Jews from the land of Israel violates his vow,” Wolpe said.

SOS-Israel has made headlines in the past for awarding cash prizes to families whose sons were sent to jail for refusing to expel Jews from homes in Judea and Samaria during their military service. Rabbi Wolpe said his organization would continue to assist soldiers sent to jail for refusing to expel Jews, and would provide each soldier with 1,000 shekels per day spent in jail.