Canada Fights Online Hate Speech

Canadian authorities are taking online threats seriously; York student suspended for anti-Semitic website.

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 20:22

Computers used for hate
Computers used for hate
Israel news photo: file

Authorities in Canada are investigating an anti-Semitic website that accused Jews of being behind several murderous terrorist attacks. The website's creator, York University student Salman Hossain, has been suspended from school and will face a disciplinary panel.

The Ontario Police's hate crimes and extremism unit is looking into Hossain's writings.

Hossain, a dual citizen of Bangladesh and Canada, created a site called “” on which he blamed terrorist attacks in the United States and Canada on “the mass murdering terrorist Jewish community.” He accused Jews of being behind terrorist attacks that were in fact perpetrated by Muslims, and said that the Jews carried out the attacks in order to make Muslims look bad.

He called to murder all Jews in Europe and North America if a terrorist attack were to take place in Canada.

"The university is moving on this issue in a serious fashion,” York University said in a statement. “We want all of our students, all of our community members, to be safe,” the school added.

On his site, which has been taken offline, Hossain bragged about his hatred for Jews, and predicted that “foreign troops” would enter Western countries “and vaporize the Jewish neighborhoods in Major Population Centers using nuclear warheads and cruise missiles.”

"This war on Islam... will end with the complete extermination of the Jewish culture, race, and religion,” he said.

After Canada's National Post reported on the story, Hossain confirmed that he did in fact support genocide against Jews.

Hossain has been involved in hate crimes in the past. Three years ago, he faced charges after expressing support for terrorist attacks in Canada. Those charges were dismissed after the attorney general determined that Hossain was undergoing rehabilitation.