Obama: Significant Sanctions against Iran 'in Weeks'

Says international community "unified around Iran's misbehavior” but admits it is still not clear how China will behave.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 23:03

Obama, Ahmedinjad
Obama, Ahmedinjad

US President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the US and its allies are developing a "significant regime of sanctions" against Iran, and that the international community was "unified around Iran's misbehavior in this area".

Obama told reporters in Washington that it was clear Iran was working to build nuclear weapons, despite its denials.

He said preparation of  new round of sanctions on Iran was "moving along fairly quickly" and should be completed in a few weeks' time.

Obama also said he was pleased at the quickness in which Russia voiced its disapproval of Iran's latest announcement that it would begin enriching its uranium to 20%, supposedly for use in a medical research reactor. He was less certain with regard to China, however. “How China operates at the Security Council as we pursue sanctions is something we're going to have to see," Mr Obama said.

Three days ago, US National Security Adviser James Jones said Iran must satisfy the demands of the international community over its nuclear program, or more sanctions would be put in place.
"The unprecedented degree of international consensus ... demonstrates that Tehran must meet its responsibilities or face wider sanctions and increasing international isolation," Jones said. He spoke  at the annual Munich Security Conference.