Video: Honoring Survivors and Helping Needy Through Recipes

The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook brings the stories and home recipes of the survivors. The income of the sales is directed to charity.

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Yoni Kempinski, | updated: 21:24

The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook
The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook
Israel news photo: Yoni Kempinski

In honor of the sale of the 25,000th copy of the Holocaust Survivor Cookbook, the Caras family, who edited this unique book, came to the Carmei Hair soup kitchen in downtown Jerusalem with a $100,000 check. The donation is from the income from sales of the book, and the money will help Carmei Hair, a Jerusalem soup kitchen that tries to function as a regular restaurant in order to create a more pleasant atmosphere for the needy.

The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook is a unique document which presents the stories of the Holocaust survivors together with recipes from their homes, whether prior to World War II, in the midst of the atrocity, or after the Holocaust, during the days of recuperating and arising from the ashes.

The Caras family is now in the process of collectIng stories, recipes, and photos for Volume 2 of the Holocaust Survivor Cookbook, and is inviting any Holocaust survivor or family members to include their story and family recipes in the next cookbook. Arutz Sheva TV spoke with Joanne Caras, author and editor of the cookbook