CoS: Police Better for Evictions

Chief of Staff says the Hesder soldiers are excellent but 'we cannot accept' a situation in which a soldier has two commanders.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 17:45

Israel news photo: file

IDF Chief of Staff Lt-Gen Gabi Ashkenazi hinted Wednesday that in the future, expulsion of citizens from their homes should be carried out by the police and not the IDF.

"It is proper to use policemen vis-a-vis civilians, and to try and prevent a situation in which soldiers are involved in a situation of evacuating communities,” he said in an interview on IDF Radio's Shirutrom telethon which raises money for the benefit of soldiers.

"The policemen are more experienced, and soldiers are better fitted for carrying out perimeter security assignments,” he explained.

Ashkenazi also weighed in on the Defense Ministry's decision to take Har Bracha Yeshiva out of the Hesder program. “We gave rabbis an opportunity to denounce the phenomenon of refusal, but regrettably not all of them did so,” he said, referring to the soldiers who protested against the use of the IDF for expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria.   

"At the end of the road, you cannot split up the army. There is a chain of command in the army and soldiers swear to carry out the orders of their superiors in the army,” he said.

"We need to beware of generalizations and not besmirch an entire public,” the military's top commander said. “I have known the Hesder yeshivas for many years and they are extraordinary soldiers. I think that in the army, it does not matter where the soldiers come from, and it is even a good thing that they have an opinion and a political outlook.”

However, he added, a soldier must not have two commanders. “We cannot accept that and that is why the soldiers who held up signs were taken care of. Almost everyone in the Federation of Hesder Yeshivas Rabbis denounced the phenomenon [of refusal]. We cannot accept this kind of behavior from anyone.”