Eye-Witness Tzufim Resident Recalls Police Brutality, Tricks

"The violence meted out by the border police and the Yassam was horrifying," says Tzufim resident Gila Slonim.

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Gila Slonim, Tzufim Resident, | updated: 23:01

Tzufim, Tuesday
Tzufim, Tuesday
Gila Slonim

Tzufim is usually known to be a quiet community, less hard-core than most of the communities in the Shomron.

Today, however, and yesterday, we saw something at Tzufim that has never happened before.  As the Civil Administration came into the community they were greeted by barbed wire fencing, a human barrier and other obstacles.

They had come to administer stop-work orders for construction sites where building had commenced some time ago and foundations were laid. The work permits were shown to the inspectors but they were not prepared to listen. They had come for a battle and battle they did!

Photo: Gila Slonim

The violence meted out by the border police and the Yassam [police special forces] was horrifying. As they tried to remove the large trailer carrying the earthmoving vehicle they had confiscated, the protests were tremendous. However, it is very difficult to stand up to a vehicle of this size as it reverses into the crowd. This did not succeed so they tried to drive forward into the crowd. A fight ensued and then it was agreed to discuss the situation and and try to reach an agreement.

Meanwhile Chanukah candles were lit in a most uplifting way and peace reigned for a few short minutes.

The violence then began again as the border police and Yassam attacked men, women and children, and the truck drove into the crowd as the Border Police brutally removed people.

Amid great protest the truck left the community through a secondary exit.

This is a sad day for democracy, law and order!

If you see headlines about a border police woman being attacked – the facts are that she walked into a crowd of youths who were protesting. They yelled at her and she then began vomiting. NO ATTACKS or violence were directed at her!