Girls Freeze Building Officials

Teenage girls blocked and surrounded building freeze inspectors in two towns. “What are we? Rag dolls of the Americans? We are fed up.”

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 15:29

Girls "freeze" building inspectors
Girls "freeze" building inspectors
Israel news photo

Dozens of girls succeeded early Monday afternoon in preventing building freeze inspectors from entering the community of Maaleh Levonah in Samaria while a second group of girls surrounded inspectors in Revava until special Yassam policemen arrived and pushed the youth out of the way, allowing the inspectors to make a quick getaway. Police remained and punched Deputy Regional Council Chairman Reuven Ben Aryeh, who required hospitalization.

In Maaleh Levonah, Border Police eventually managed to enter the community but quickly left, apparently wanting to avoid a confrontation.

Border Police and special ”Yassam” police units were caught on video on Sunday manhandling girls in non-violent protests in Kedumim, in violation of standard operating procedures.

One 11th grade girl from Kedumim told Arutz Sheva, “I told the police they have no right to touch me. What can they do to me? Arrest me? They won’t put me in jail, but I am prepared to sit in prison for the sake of the Land of Israel. The government is shooting itself in the foot. Netanyahu does what the Americans tell him to do.

“What are we? Ragdolls of the Americans? We are fed up.”