President Peres Stars on YouTube

Octogenerian President Peres is up to date with YouTube. He is to launch his own channel on Tuesday in the presence of YouTube founder Chad Harley.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 11:44

President Shimon Peres to go on YouTube
President Shimon Peres to go on YouTube
Israel news photo

President Shimon Peres is preparing to launch his own YouTube channel Tuesday morning with a message that invites citizens around the world to join a conversation on how to advance regional peace and interfaith cooperation, and how to harness new technologies to make a better world.

The 86-year-old leader follows other leaders, including U.S. President Barack Obama and Jordanian Queen Rania, who have set up YouTube channels. The website's director, Chad Harley, is making a special trip to Israel for the event and will co-host a press conference with President Peres after the launch.

The President’s YouTube channel will feature selected moments from his speeches and activities, as well as his blessings on special occasions to people of all faiths. It will also offer a platform for virtual press conferences, allowing Internet users to ask him questions about the global state of affairs.

“The President firmly believes that realizing his vision necessitates reaching out to the millions surfing the web,” his office said in a statement.  “The launch marks the latest in the President’s efforts to increase his transparency and accessibility to the public.

Billions of videos are viewed on the YouTube site.