Nationalist Spokesman: Barak Bluffing on Hesder

Barak's warnings regarding the hesder yeshivas are 'a gun without bullets,' Likud politician and writer Boaz HaEtzni says.

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Gil Ronen, | updated: 21:47

Hesder yeshiva soldiers
Hesder yeshiva soldiers
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The hinted warnings by Defense Minister Ehud Barak and his deputy, Matan Vilnai, that the IDF might have to cease accepting soldiers from "hesder" yeshivas are no more than a bluff, according to Likud politician and Land of Israel activist Boaz HaEtzni.

“Barak's statement about the hesder yeshivas are worthless, a gun without bullets,” HaEtzni told Arutz Sheva Thursday. “He would not dare touch the hesder yeshivas and the pre-military academies because they are the IDF's spine. The fighters that come from among the residents of Judea and Samaria are 'the cutting edge of the cutting edge' of the IDF.” 

The IDF is currently “a Peace Now militia,” HaEtzni lamented. “Our job at this time is not to make their lives easy. We will not agree that they will use the army to carry out crimes
We will reach the upper echelon of the army too and the upper echelon of the country.
against humanity.”

You don't want us? Fine!
The message that should be conveyed to Barak is that "we are the soldiers with the most motivation, and our sons are willing to go to the most dangerous units – if you do not want us in the army, that is fine by us,” he explained. “I have no doubt that if the hesder yeshivas had given this message four years ago, there would have been no expulsion from Gush Katif,”

HaEtzni said that the IDF only promotes the most spineless religious soldiers to top ranks, “but this will not help them – we are a dominant sector in the army, and in the end we will reach the upper echelon of the army, too, and the upper echelon of the country.”

He added that “the entire Netanyahu family,” with the exception of Binyamin Netanyahu himself, signed a letter that called on soldiers not to cooperate with the expulsion: “The Prime Minister's father, Prof. Ben Tzion Netanyahu, his brother Ido Netanyahu, his sister-in-law and attorney Daphne Netanyahu and his cousin Nathan Netanyahu all signed this petition.”