Seven Hamas Terrorists Released in 2 Days

Palestinian Authority sources say Israel has released six more PA parliament members of Hamas - imprisoned for 3.5 years for security crimes.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 18:06

Bus taking terrorists home
Bus taking terrorists home
Israel news photo: Flash-90

Palestinian Authority sources say Israel has released six Hamas members of the PA's parliament who had been in prison for 3.5 years.

An additional Hamas parliament member, Hatam Kapaisha, was released on Sunday after sitting in jail for a year.

The six who were freed on Monday are: Ahmed Atwan, Wal Al-Husseini, Halil Rabai, Samir Kadi, Maher Badar, and Mahmoud Al-Hatib. Three of them are from the Hevron area, two are from Jerusalem and environs, and one is from Bethlehem.

The PA did not announce the crimes of which the seven were accused or convicted, nor for how long they were sentenced. 

Eighteen Palestinian Authority legislative council members now remain in Israeli prisons: Two of Fatah, one from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,  and 15 Hamas members.  The latter two organizations are terrorist groups, and Fatah has a terrorist wing.