Professor: Yigal Amir's Life is in Danger

Professor Aryeh Zaritsky, part of an independent investigation into the Rabin assassination, warns that Yigal Amir's life is in danger.

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Maayana Miskin, | updated: 19:40

Yigal Amir
Yigal Amir
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Professor Aryeh Zaritsky of Ben Gurion University believes that Yigal Amir, the man convicted for the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, is in grave danger. “They are going to assassinate Yigal Amir in prison,” he told Arutz-Sheva radio.

Zaritsky is part of an independent investigative committee that is looking into the Rabin assassination. The committee, which bears the name of famed nationalist broadcaster Adir Zik, has concluded that Rabin was not killed by Amir, but rather was murdered as part of a conspiracy meant to malign Israel's political Right.

Yigal Amir's testimony was a critical component of the investigation, Zaritsky said. Amir has spoken to Zik investigative committee member Natan Gefen – an interview that Zaritsky fears will cost him his life.

Of the Gefen interview, Zaritsky said, “Yigal Amir is convinced that his bullets were not the ones that killed Yitzchak Rabin.” The committee has gathered additional evidence indicating that Amir did not kill Rabin, according to Zaritsky.

"There was a conspiracy against the right wing, but something went wrong, they staged the murder of a prime minister and something went wrong,” he continued.

Zaritsky believes that pathological evidence is available proving that Rabin was not killed by Amir, but that the evidence has been covered up by senior state officials. Among those he named as having refused to release information were Attorney General Menachem Mazuz and infamous chief pathologist Professor Yehuda Hiss.

He lamented the fact that even among nationalist Israelis, few openly identify with the Zik committee or its findings, for fear of being delegitimized. “They don't understand that they will always be delegitimized, no matter what their stance” on the Rabin killing, he said.