‘Investigate Arab Violence’

An international panel should probe Arab violence on the Temple Mount instead of alleged Israeli war crimes, according to a prominent rabbi.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 10:53

Police and Arab rioters at Temple Mount
Police and Arab rioters at Temple Mount
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The proper response to the Goldstone Report, alleging Israel with committing war crimes in its battle against terrorism, is for an international panel to probe Muslim Arab violence on the Temple Mount, according to Rabbi Yisrael Rosen.


Writing in this Sabbath’s edition of a popular leaflet on Torah, Rabbi Rosen wrote, “I suggest an international panel…to investigate the events on the Temple Mount, including Muslim disturbances and their archaeological crimes, incitement and lies in the name of history."


He added, “If we don’t hurry up and respond by using the same weapons as the enemy, the day is not far off that another Goldstone Committee will determine that the Al-Aqsa mosque is in danger because of [alleged] underground excavations by Jews who are supposedly trying to cause its collapse.”

  Rabbi Yisrael Rosen 

Rabbi Rosen, a leader in the National Religious community, also asserted that the Goldstone Report’s condemnation of Israel, while sparing Hamas from heavy criticism, is Divine retribution for the attitude of many Jews who think, “Why fight over a few stones and dirt.”


He noted that many countries have declared Holocaust denial to be illegal, and that the same policy should be taken against “our enemies who try to convince the world that the [Temple] site belongs to Muslims and was stolen by Jews.”


The rabbi mapped out a four-point campaign that must be waged against those who deny that the Temple Mount is Jewish, against the growing anti-Israel opinion in the international community and against a police state mentality in the Israeli government. He explained that after these three obstacles are overcome, Israel can achieve the fourth goal of defeating the Arab campaign of lies.