Canada: Revive Refugee Committee

Canadian FM meets President Peres, wants to revive Madrid Conference committee and help solve refugee problem.

Gil Ronen, | updated: 21:36

Lawrence Cannon
Lawrence Cannon
Israel news photo: Canada government website

Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon held a working meeting with President Shimon Peres Wednesday. After the meeting Cannon said that his country wants to make a meaningful contribution to the “peace process” between Israel and its neighbors.

Cannon said that he intends to present the Canadian Prime Minister with a plan to revive the multilateral “refugee committee” headed by Canada that was established in the Madrid Conference in 1991. The committee, he aid, should be recreated with the consent of all parties and it could have a decisive effect on solving the refugee problem.

Peres told Cannon that Israel attaches great importance to strengthening its strategic ties with Canada and that it “thanks your country for supporting us over many years.” The President went on to blast the Goldstone Report and said that “it is unthinkable that the UN bodies give a green light to the writing of a report whose conclusions were determined even before it was written and it is full of manipulations, ignores facts and above all, gives a prize to terror.”

Cannon said: “Canada stands besides you and with you, especially in the struggle against the terror threats and expressions that oppose the existence of the Jewish state or the Jewish nation. These things are foreign to Canada's values and to Canada itself.”