Swastika and ‘Obama’ Carved in US Golf Course

Vandals shocked Americans Tuesday night by carving a swastika and the word “Obama” in a golf course. The Secret Service is investigating.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 10:11

Swastika and "Obama" carved in golf course
Swastika and "Obama" carved in golf course
Photo: Matt Stone/Boston Herald

Vandals shocked Americans Monday night by carving a 20 x 30-foot swastika and the word “Obama” and the letter “I” near the 18th hole of a Massachusetts golf course. The Secret Service is investigating the possibility of an intended threat on the president.


The letter “I” may have represented “Israel.”


Green keepers at the Lakeville Country Club discovered the vandalism Tuesday morning, golf course owner Gary Mosca told Boston’s WBZ television, "It's just so insulting to the human race and it just shouldn't be part of our doings by anybody. I just can't understand it. It's unforgivable."


He was quoted in the Boston Herald as saying, "This is sick. They are going to do this stuff and cause a problem just to be anti-establishment or just to be tough guys. Their minds are probably demented enough to think of anything."


Mosca said he is an admirer of President Obama, but it is not known if that is the reason that his golf course was targeted. Lakewood, Massachusetts police have no clues or information on the perpetrators, and Secret Service agents are working with them on the case.


Mosca said it will take until next spring to fix the damage, which requires turf experts to make repairs for golfers. The vandals apparently used their heels or a board to carve their message of hate.