IDF Bombs Gaza Smuggling Tunnels After Attack on Kibbutz

The IDF and Hamas-controlled terrorists fought another hit and run battle Tuesday night. A rocket hit kibbutz fields, and the IAF bombed tunnels.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 08:25

IDFattack on Gaza terrorists near kibbutz
IDFattack on Gaza terrorists near kibbutz
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Israel Air Force and Hamas-controlled terrorists in Gaza fought another hit and run battle Tuesday night. A Kassam rocket hit kibbutz fields, several hundred yards from a wedding celebration, and the IAF retaliated by bombing two smuggling tunnels.

Arab sources said three people were wounded, one moderately, by air-to-ground missiles, although a French news agency reported that Arab sources said one person died in the raid. No one was wounded at the kibbutz, whose fields abut the Gaza separation fence, and no damage was reported.

Witnesses in Gaza told the Chinese news agency Xinhua that F-16 jets hovered over Rafiah, which straddles the Egyptian-Gaza border, and destroyed at least two tunnels that are used to transport explosives and arms.

Hamas has been using cement and other building materials, some of it approved by Israel and others smuggled in from Egypt, to rebuild its smuggling tunnel system that was severely damaged in the Operation Cast Lead counterterrorist campaign 10 months ago.