Jerusalem Enjoys Soap Box Derby

Jerusalemites got to take a break from the security worries and Arab incitement to enjoy their first Red Bull soap box derby.

Yoni Kempinski , | updated: 22:39

A participant in the derby
A participant in the derby
Israel National TV

Residents of the Holy City of Jerusalem got a break Wednesday from U.S. President Barack Obama's no-building orders, Arab rock throwing and incitement, and other woes – and got its first-ever soap box derby, featuring some of the wackiest cars ever seen on this side of the Pool of Siloam.

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The Red Bull Soap Box Derby is Israel's first, and was timed for the Sukkot holiday. Participants in the competition built their own cars and designed them according to original concepts of their minds' invention. Cars are required to have brakes but may not have motors or pedals.

Concepts included a Bedouin and Camel, Teletubbies, Hansel and Gretel, American Indians, Black Panthers, Bathtub and a Shiatsu Massage Car.

The race started off at Rabin Avenue near the Supreme Court and ended near Sacker Garden on Ben Tzvi Ave. The crowd cheered the racers from the sidelines and also watched the race on giant screens at the Sacker Gardens.