Bielski: Red Tape Strangled Gush Katif Expulsion Victims

Former Jewish Agency Director Zev Bielski blames bureaucracy for the plight of Gush Katif expulsion victims. “Sharon had good intentions.”

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IsraelNN Staff, | updated: 08:35

Former Jewish Agency director Bielski
Former Jewish Agency director Bielski
Israel news photo: INN TV

Kadima Knesset Member, Zev Bielski, who served as Chairman of the Jewish Agency during the eviction of the Jews of Gush Katif and parts of northern Samaria in 2005, blamed government bureaucracy for the plight of  the expulsion victims. Bielski told INN TV that former Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert had good intentions but that “the government cannot get anything done today ”because of excessive red tape".

He made the comments following the presentation of a report by the Supreme Court-appointed commission investigating the treatment of the expellees. 

Bielski did not rule out future expulsions but does not see a direct connection between the committee report and preparations for similar actions in the future.