Police vs. Jews on Temple Mount?

Activist Yehuda Glick charges police with discriminating against Jews, supporting Muslim efforts to keep Jews off of Temple Mount.

Maayana Miskin ,

Waiting to enter the Temple Mount
Waiting to enter the Temple Mount
Israel news photo: (file)

Temple Institute director Yehuda Glick has filed charges over an incident Sunday in which a police officer cursed Jewish worshippers following Muslim riots on the Temple Mount. The incident shows that many police officers hold the unspoken belief that Jews are to blame for trouble on the Temple Mount, he said.

Glick also accused police of playing into the hands of Muslim worshippers who attempt to drive Jews off of the mount.  Muslims instigate violence, and police respond by barring Jews from visiting the site in order to avoid violence, he said.

“They learned that if they throw rocks, the Jews will not enter the Temple Mount. After this incident, the Temple Mount was closed to Jews and Arabs were allowed to enter freely,” he said.

Glick filed charges against the officers in charge of entrance to the Temple Mount, claiming religious discrimination. While non-Jewish tourists and Jews who are not religiously observant are allowed to enter the Temple Mount compound with relative freedom, religious Jews are detained and searched, he said.

"The officers should be charged with contempt of court and giving false testimony for telling the courts that there is no discrimination at the entrance to the Temple Mount,” he said.

Glick also filed charges against the individual officer who cursed Jewish worshippers, Fadhi Beider. Beider is accused of punching and cursing a Jew after hearing him blame Arabs for the Sunday riot.

"An officer like that does not belong in the Israel police force,” Glick said.