Photo Essay: 204 'Come Home'

More than 200 new Israelis arrived home Tuesday, including two who became engaged with the blessing of the entire crowd at Ben Gurion Airport.

Hana Levi Julian, | updated: 22:09

Shoshanna Lapping speaks with Yishai Fleisher
Shoshanna Lapping speaks with Yishai Fleisher
Israel news photo
More than 200 new Israelis -- 204, to be exact -- arrived home on Tuesday at Ben Gurion International Airport to the cheers of friends, family, and young IDF soldiers waving blue and white Israeli flags.
Gil Margulis makes Aliyah
The Land is Very Very Good
Yoseph Rabin - his brother Ben-Tzion made Aliyah today
Awesome Jew
America to Israel
The final planeload of 16 Nefesh B'Nefesh aliyah flights this year capped a season in which 3,000 new Western olim, or immigrants, made aliyah to Israel with the organization.
Lots of New Olim
Aliyah for Me
Fishman Family
Grandparents Return
Mom bringing the family home
Kadima Opposition leader MK Tzipi Livni told the smiling crowd, which included 81 singles, that she herself was already married -- but not to worry, because "matchmaking is Israel's national hobby!"
Get Engaged On the Stage
Two young singles immediately took the plunge and became engaged right there on stage during the welcoming ceremony in Terminal One. Nechama Dina Simon and Zack Taylor thus became the first couple from this batch of NBN "graduates" to prepare to build a home together in the Land of Israel.
Nechama Dina Simon (Made Aliyah Today) and Zack Taylor (Aliyah 2007)
A six year old child was willing to explain to Israel National Radio's Yishai Fleisher why she and her family had chosen to come home to Israel, and what her future plans were.
Max and Sara Lapping with their kids Shoshana, Emmy, and Aliya
Tzipi Livni Addresses the Crowd
Checking My Guitar
Black Hat Aliyah
The Children Shall Return to Their Borders



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