Kosher Chickens Can Fly: Israel to Export More Poultry to US

Israeli exports of kosher chickens expected to expand following recent approvals from the US Department of Agriculture.

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Zalman Nelson, | updated: 11:09

Kosher chickens
Kosher chickens
Israel News Photo: (file)

Tons of Israeli kosher chickens may soon be on their way to the U.S. kosher market.

Representatives of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently visited Israeli chicken farmers, slaughterhouses and chicken food products, granting approvals to continue and expand poultry exports, Kosher Today reported. The visit was part of the FSIS’s regular inspections of worldwide factories that export chicken food products to the American market.

FSIS approval means that the U.S. considers veterinarian supervision to be equal to American standards.

The visit is expected to pave the way for expanded sales of Israeli poultry in the U.S. kosher market. According to sources at the Israel Export Institute, Israel currently exports some 800 tons of chicken food products to the U.S, and experts say there is great potential to grow.

The expansion of Israeli exports is projected to set off further competition in a market that is currently dominated by major U.S. kosher poultry producers such as Empire, Agriprocessor, and several new smaller kosher poultry slaughterhouses.