Giving Congress a New Perspective

Israeli reporter David Bedein and activist Jeff Daube give U.S. Congressmen a new perspective on the Israel-PA relationship.

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Journalist David Bedein
Journalist David Bedein
Israel news photo: (file)

Israeli journalist David Bedein and activist Jeff Daube met with visiting United States Congressmen this week and attempted to give them a new perspective on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. “They get a pretty self contained view of things... I think they would benefit from hearing from different perspectives,” said Daube, who compared Israel-PA talks to “kicking a dead horse.”

Bedein warned congressmen that their own State Department had deliberately kept them in the dark regarding the true nature of the PA and the PLO.

Both Daube and Bedein addressed U.S.-Israel ties in light of America's increasingly pro-PA stance.

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