Arabs Attack in Old City of Jerusalem

Two Arab men attacked a Jewish man in the Old City of Jerusalem, apparently solely because he was Jewish. Jewish woman attacked in city center.

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Maayana Miskin,

Inside the Old City
Inside the Old City
Israel news photo: (file)

Two Arab men attacked a Jewish man early on Monday on Hagai Street in the Old City of Jerusalem. The victim was apparently selected for no reason other than the fact that he was Jewish.

The victim suffered light wounds, and was treated by paramedics. Police managed to capture the attackers using footage from security cameras in the area.

The attackers had fled to the Temple Mount after the incident.

The Old City was historically a primarily Jewish area. However, in 1948 Jordan won control of the area during the War of Independence, and allowed Arabs to take over the Jewish homes.

Israel regained control of the Old City in the Six Day War, and Jews returned to the area, but the neighborhood remains primarily Arab. The Palestinian Authority demands control over the Old City under any future deal with Israel, and many Arabs living in the area see local Jews as intruders.

Third Attack in a Month
Monday's attack was the third of its kind to be reported in one month. A month earlier, a Jewish man was viciously beaten by Arab men as he walked to the Kotel (Western Wall), and two weeks later a Jewish woman was attacked at the entrance to her apartment in the city center.

In July, “H,” a resident of Samaria, was walking near the American consulate, on his way to the Kotel. Suddenly, he was hit from behind by two Arab men, who stripped him and continued to viciously beat him for several minutes.

"H” suffered serious injuries in the attack, including internal bleeding, and underwent emergency surgery. 

Two weeks later, a young Israeli woman was walking to her apartment in downtown Jerusalem when she felt that she was being watched. As she quickly entered her home, she saw an Arab man run up the stairs behind her.

The woman tried to close the door in his face, but the man managed to barge into the apartment and grab the woman's throat. The two struggled for several long moments before the man suddenly gave up, grabbed her bag, and ran out the door.

In an interview with INN TV, the woman described her attacker as “professional” and said “It was clear he had done this before.”

Police caught the attacker, who has since confessed to his crimes. His intended victim expressed hope that he would be harshly punished, saying, "I got my life back as a gift. I hope the police and the court will do what they can to make sure this monster doesn't see the light of day again.”