‘Tavor’ Rifle for Women Soldiers

Female combat soldiers in the IDF will be using the made-in-Israel advanced Tavor assault rifle for the first time this month.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 23:50

Woman combat soldier with new Tavor
Woman combat soldier with new Tavor
Israel news photo: IDF, Ruth Naama Paz

New recruits in the Caracal Battalion, which is made up of units of male and female combat soldiers, will be using the Israeli-made advanced assault Tavor rifle, the IDF reported. The weapon, heavier but more balanced in weight and more accurate than the M-16, has been introduced into several battalions over the past year.

The new women soldiers will undergo basic training at the Givati Brigade training base, where Givati soldiers were the first to use the new weapon. The changeover to the Tavor in all IDF units is expected to be complete in three more years.

Colonel Amir Avivi explained that a decision was made not to give the weapon to women already in training but rather to wait until this month's draft so that they would be using the same weapon from their draft until the end of the tour of duty.

The Caracal Battalion also is beginning to sport a new unit badge that will incorporate the Sagie Brigade badge, as well as the symbol of the Battalion – the Caracal cat.