Jews Move into Arab Neighborhood

In response to int'l pressure on Israel to halt Jewish construction in Jerusalem, Zionist Freedom Alliance activists moved into Beit Hanina.

Baruch Gordon,

In response to increased international pressure on Israel’s government to halt Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem, activists from the Zionist Freedom Alliance have taken up residence in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina.
Beit Hanina is located at the northern tip of Jerusalem within the capital’s municipal boundaries but is occupied almost exclusively by Arabs, with the exception of one building on the periphery of the neighborhood. The seven-unit building, known as Beit Shiva, has since the 1967 Six Day War been the home of several veterans of Lehi (Lohamei Herut Israel — Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) who fought a war of liberation up to 1948 against the British occupation of Palestine in a successful campaign to restore national freedom to the Jewish people. The two ZFA activists who recently moved into the building are seeking roommates to share their 5 room apartment.

A ZFA demonstration held Wednesday against "US imperialism"
Israel news photo:

“We are here not only to show the current residents of Beit Shiva our support, but also to show the world that all of Jerusalem is and will continue to remain under Hebrew sovereignty,” explained one activist who moved into the building on the 17th day of Tammuz, a national fast day held three weeks ago commemorating the Roman army’s breach of Jerusalem’s walls. “We cannot allow foreign leaders to push for anti-Jewish discriminatory housing policies anywhere in Israel, much less in our capital.”
The modern ZFA largely identifies with the ideology of Lehi, which was an anti-imperialist Zionist underground movement that fought against Great Britain for Jewish self-determination over the entire Land of Israel. ZFA leader Yehuda HaKohen says, “In addition to strengthening the Jewish hold over Jerusalem, moving our activists into this particular building is beneficial because we have much to learn from our national heroes living there. Like the Maccabees and Sicarii of ancient times, Lehi fighters represent a very important link in Israel’s struggle for freedom. Moving into Beit Shiva is also an act of defiance against foreign imperialists trying to rob us of our homeland.”