New Housing Campaign for Immigrants

A new month-long campaign from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption makes more public housing available.

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Jerusalem apartments
Jerusalem apartments
Ba'Yit Be'Israel

The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption announced the launch of a housing campaign beginning June 21 for new immigrants eligible for public housing apartments, according to a statement on their website.

New immigrants who arrived in Israel before December 31, 2008, meet the criteria for public housing, and have been waiting several years for placement can apply for an apartment. Ministry officials, working with the Construction and Housing Department, generated an updated list of apartments available for assignment to eligible immigrants.

The one month campaign is aimed at easing economic circumstances and improving the living conditions for many struggling new immigrants to Israel.

The statement said that the apartments are located in peripheral communities, and those who apply early are most likely to receive an apartment. The campaign does not affect one’s place on the waiting list for public housing should they decide not to participate.