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      Murderer of Yemenite Jew Sentenced to Death

      A court gave the death penalty Sunday to Abdul-Aziz al-Abdi, the Arab who murdered Yemenite Jewish man Moshe Yaeesh Nahari last December
      By Yehudah Lev Kay
      First Publish: 6/21/2009, 4:14 PM


      A Yemeni court gave the death penalty Sunday to Abdul-Aziz al-Abdi, the Arab who murdered a Yemenite Jewish man, Moshe Yaeesh Nahari, last December.

      In March, the court had ruled that al-Abdi was psychiatrically incapable of standing trial and ordered him to pay the victim’s family 5.5 million rial (NIS 115,000), but Nahari’s father successfully appealed the decision leading to a retrial.

      In the above video, Moshe Nahari appears with peot (side locks) wearing a light blue gown, called a galabiyeh in Yemenite Arabic. He was filmed by a friend two weeks before being murdered.

      Al-Abdi, who had threatened Yemen’s Jewish community in the past, admitted to shooting Nahari five times, in broad daylight, at a central market. His lawyers say they will appeal the verdict to the country’s high court.

      Moshe Nahari was a one of the community leaders of Yemen’s shrinking community of 400 Jews. Most of Yemen’s Jews have emigrated to Israel or the U.S., and the ones left behind say they feel increasingly threatened in a country which has seen increasing unrest.

      Nahari, who was father to nine, had been a religious teacher and ran a synagogue. Friends say he had considered moving out of Yemen, but felt an obligation to remain with his fellow Jews in the Arab country.

      16 Yemenite Jews from three families arrived in Israel on Sunday.