Report: Hamas Using Ambulances to Terrorize Civilians

Hamas is using donated ambulances in its campaign of intimidation against Gaza civilians, the PA claims.

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Ambulances used for terror
Ambulances used for terror
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Hamas has stolen dozens of donated ambulances and is using them in its campaign of intimidation against Gaza civilians, Palestinian Authority officials have reported. The report, published in the PA paper Al-Hayyat al-Jadida, was translated by Palestinian Media Watch.

The ambulances in question were donated earlier this year, during Operation Cast Lead. Hamas took 46 ambulances, confiscated the expensive medical equipment inside, and converted the vehicles to police vans.

The vans were then used during arrest campaigns targeting civilian political dissenters, the PA charged.

PA official Omar Nasr accused Hamas of taking other medical supplies as well. Hamas has stolen thousands of tons of donated equipment and either used it for its private army or sold it to the public, he charged.

Hamas has cracked down recently on Gaza residents loyal to the Fatah-led PA based in Judea and Samaria, as the PA fights Hamas in territories under its control. Hundreds of Fatah loyalists have reportedly been detained. The detainees have been held in public buildings in Gaza, including schools, as the main Hamas prison was damaged in an IDF strike earlier in the year.