Almagor: UN Supports Terrorism

The Almagor terror victims group has accused the United Nations of supporting terrorism, following its report critical of Israeli defense measures.

Maayana Miskin,

United Nations building
United Nations building
Israel News Photo: file

The terror victims group Almagor lashed out at the United Nations on Sunday following the release of a UN report that heavily criticized several Israeli counterterror tactics. “The UN should be declared a terror-supporting entity,” said Almagor director Meir Indor.

"The Israeli government and the Justice Ministry should begin a public relations campaign explaining that the UN is becoming systematically anti-Israel and seeks to cause trouble over Israel's struggle against terrorism,” he continued.

According to Almagor, suspected terrorists have refrained from giving information to Israeli forces in the past because they are aware that the UN and other organizations will protect them. That fact has led to terror attacks, the group claims.

Some bereaved families are looking into the option of filing suit against UN officials and others who have allowed terrorists to withhold information or continue their activities in safety, Almagor says.

The United Nations Committee Against Torture released a report on Friday demanding that Israel halt use of several techniques in questioning or pressuring prisoners. Israel must improve its treatment of security detainees, the committee stated, and must stop demolishing terrorists' homes as a means of deterrence.

The committee also called to investigate the IDF's Cast Lead counterterrorism operation in Gaza, and to close an alleged secret detention facility known as 1391. Israeli officials say facility 1391 is not currently used to house detainees. There is no evidence that torture took place at the facility when it was in use, officials say.